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"Synergize to Maximize"

     Finding ourselves in the throws of human endeavor we quickly come to the realization that we cannot do it alone. Maybe we get to choose who is in the game with us, or maybe the choice is made for us. In either situation, we often find ourselves needing other people, but not always wanting them. We each have expectations of how other people should behave and respond to us. When these expectations are not met, we become frustrated, irritated and even angry.

     Relating and working together in a respectful, spirited way commands that we move beyond our own preconceived expectations and appreciate the unique value and contribution of every person on the team. The most successful teams are those who effectively synergize individual strengths in order to collectively achieve maximum results.

     The goal of this workshop is to equip individuals and existing teams with information and knowledge that can assist them in developing effective, synergistic teams.

Utilizing experiential activities and discussions, workshop participants will gain an understanding of:

  • the meaning of team;

  • the benefits of having an effective team;

  • a successful team formula;

  • effective & ineffective team processes;

  • team assets and potential liabilities;

  • the value of synergizing colors;

  • application of effective team principles. 

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