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Manager-Employee Relationships

"Making the Employee Connection" 

     When it comes to managing people, the Spectrum Development Model is a valuable tool in helping managers understand, appreciate, and utilize the strengths of the people they supervise. Each individual has unique traits that can contribute to a strong, productive working environment.

     The goal of this workshop is to equip individuals in management level positions with information and knowledge that can assist them in building and maintaining stronger working relationships with their employees. Ultimately, having a positive manager-employee relationship can lead to enhanced overall job satisfaction and performance for both the manager and the employee.

Utilizing experiential activities and discussions, workshop participants will be given the opportunity to identify and understand:

  • their personal Spectrum Management Style Profile;

  • factors which may influence their management style;

  • effective & ineffective characteristics of each management style;

  • common reasons why employees remain with an organization;

  • the primary work styles of each of their employees;

  • strategies for connecting with employees from a "color" perspective;

  • ways the "colors" can effectively work together; and

  • how to develop individualized strategies for each employee. 

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