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Leadership = Relationship ≠ Position

     The most commonly asked question about leadership is 'Are leaders born or made?' The answer is both. Being born is a prerequisite for leading, but then the real work begins. Leadership is not defined as a position of authority, but rather, it involves building a relationship with people so that they will choose to follow you. Effective leaders are those who have developed the skills and abilities to successfully influence other people. There is no one specific leadership profile. Leaders come in many forms, with various styles and diverse qualities. They are found in every segment of society and dispersed through all levels of business, organizations, communities, families, etc. So when we think of leadership, we must think broadly.

     The goal of this workshop is to increase and broaden participants' understanding of leadership and to assist them in recognizing their own leadership potential.

Utilizing experiential activities and discussions, workshop participants will be given the opportunity to identify and understand:

  • the concept of "leadership";

  • their own leadership roles;

  • the distinctions between manager and leader roles;

  • the leader-follower/constituent relationship;

  • common and effective leadership attributes;

  • successful leadership formula;

  • natural and chosen leadership styles;

  • their personal leadership style. 

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