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Revitalizing Professional Behavior in the Workplace

     A "professional" is a person who does something with great skill. Simply being labeled a professional does not automatically cause you to act professionally. Unfortunately, many of today's workplaces are occupied with people who are doing their jobs but behaving in a very unprofessional manner towards others. One key measure of work success is quality of relationships with coworkers (Forni, 2002). Therefore, to be truly successful at your job requires more than the achievement of technical competency. You must also be socially competent. In fact, the inability to get along with others (i.e. being socially incompetent) causes more people to lose their jobs than does being technically incompetent (Hurst & Reding, 2000).

     This workshop focuses on the social competency aspect of professionalism. The fundamental concepts contained in the workshop are likely to be familiar to most people. Nonetheless, however basic and familiar these concepts may be, many individuals in today's workforce have allowed the social competency aspect of professionalism to slip out of their everyday consciousness and behavior. As a result, professionalism has been forgotten and has gradually disappeared from the workplace.

     The goal of this workshop is to bring the fundamental concepts of professionalism to the forefront of participants' consciousness and to provide practical strategies for assisting them in transferring the knowledge to their everyday behavior in the workplace. Toward this goal, workshop participants are given the opportunity to:

​     (1)  increase professionalism knowledge,

     (2)  have the opportunity to practice professional behaviors, and

     (3)  identify practical strategies for implementing professional behaviors that are essential in making                           individuals and workplaces successful.

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