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Certification Training Program

     A comprehensive certification training program is offered to individuals who are interested in becoming a certified trainer of the Spectrum Development Temperament Model. Two training tracks are offered: (1) Organizational Training - training within your own organization, and (2) Entrepreneurial Training - contractual training in conjunction with and/or on behalf of Spectrum Temperament Development, Inc.

Organizational Training Program

     The Spectrum Development Organizational Training Program is a certification training program for individuals who want to present Spectrum Development workshops within their own organization.

Entrepreneurial Training Program

     The Spectrum Development Entrepreneurial Training Program is designed to train and support persons to participate in marketing, sales, and contractual trainings in conjunction with and/or on behalf of Spectrum Temperament Development, Inc.

Phase I: Foundation Training

     Attend and complete a 4-day Spectrum Development Foundation Training. This training is a prerequisite for all other Spectrum Development training modules. Through experiential activities, discussions, and lecture, participants gain a conceptual and practical understanding of the Spectrum Development Temperament Model. Additionally, participants are taught effective facilitation skills for conducting the three-hour Awareness workshop and the three-hour Personal Development workshop.

Three-hour Awareness workshop objectives:

  • Identifying your Full Color Spectrum

  • Understanding the joys, values, and stressors of each color group

  • Recognizing the innate strengths and challenges of each color group

  • Gaining an appreciation for self and others

  • Building self-confidence, dignity, respect, and worthiness in self and others

  • Identifying the current development of your Full Color Spectrum

  • Acknowledging your untapped potential within your Full Color Spectrum

  • Developing your personal Full Color Spectrum

Phase I: Application to Program

     Participation in the Spectrum Development Entrepreneurial Training Program is determined through an application and screening process. The following steps must be completed:

  1. Complete an Entrepreneurial Training Program application

  2. Submit application and professional resume

  3. Participate in an interview with Training Director

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