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Full Color Spectrum

     The Spectrum Development Temperament Model utilizes the language of color to represent each temperament; namely, Orange, Green, Blue, and Gold. The introversion and extroversion interaction styles are represented by Lavender and Purple. Together, these six colors make up your Full Color Spectrum. Your life experiences and temperament development are your very own--giving you a very unique spectrum. There is no other "you"!

     Spectrum Temperament Development, Inc. is first and foremost committed to helping individuals develop their own personal Full Color Spectrum. Only after we understand and appreciate, can we understand appreciate others.

Model Assumptions

  • Recognizes natural gifts, talents, skills, and preferences of people

  • Believes people have the capacity to learn and develop into integrated individuals

  • Emphasizes increasing strengths and decreasing liabilities through self-development

  • Empowers people to be responsible for their own behavior and quality of life

  • Recognizes that temperaments can not explain a person in entirety

Personal Development Model

Personal Full Color Spectrum

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