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Natural Blue

     The Natural Blues comprise approximately 15% of the U.S. population, ranging from 15%-21% (Center for Application of Psychological Type, 1996). Their core need is to be in meaningful relationship with self, others, and the greater universe. They value people above all else, seeing each person as an individual who has a unique richness in his/her own identity. Natural Blues believe that everyone has something to offer. They cultivate potential in others and enjoy creating opportunities so that others can grow and develop to their fullest potential. Natural Blues bring empathy, warmth, and sincerity into a relationship. They nurture, support, and offer unconditional positive regard to all.


     Natural Blues "experience" life. They become one with whatever they are doing. They enjoy life's natural beauties and wonders. They stop and smell the roses, they watch the sunset, they smell the cool, fresh breeze. They partake in life through personal experience. They strive for peace, harmony, and balance. Natural Blues long for serenity and tranquility. They are very spiritual and their spirituality guides their path. They believe they have a purpose in life, and they devote themselves to discovering and fulfilling it - whatever it may be. They look for meaning and significance in all that they experience.

Natural Blues are very cause-oriented. When they believe in something, they become very passionate and devoted. They will give of themselves endlessly. Natural Blues are motivated to make a positive difference in the lives of those with whom they share an experience.

     Natural Blues are in a circular and perpetual search for self. They aspire to know who they are and to become that person. They pursue opportunities for self-discovery and growth.They are true to themselves first, and then true to others. Natural Blues need their external actions and words to be genuinely reflective of their inner thoughts and feelings. They desire this congruency from others, and therefore, they feel a deep sense of betrayal when they discover that someone's expressive words are not representative of his/her true thoughts and feelings. Authenticity is held in highest regard by the Natural Blue.


     Natural Blues are intuitive-feelers. They experience and interpret life through emotions. They "think" with their heart. They will often have "gut" feelings about something without having facts or figures to support their position. When they trust and follow their intuitive feelings, the outcome is usually positive.

     Natural Blues have the ability to "connect" with other people through verbal or nonverbal communication and/or physical touch. They can "touch" a person standing on the opposite side of the room. Their written and verbal communication is filled with animation, poetry, and drama.

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