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Natural Gold

     The Natural Golds comprise approximately 45% of the U.S. population, ranging from 42%-53% (Center for Application of Psychological Type, 1996). Their core need is to be dutiful and responsible to the social units in which they belong. Natural Golds cherish their home and family, and they place priority on being dutiful and responsible to them. They also extended their need to be useful to other social units such as church, work, service clubs, and community. Natural Golds want to belong; however, they believe belonging must be earned. To earn their place in social units they generously contribute their time, efforts, and skills. They expect others to do the same. They have a very difficult time with freeloaders who do not pull their own weight.


     Natural Golds are preservers of tradition. They are the ones most likely to create rituals around the holidays. For example, a Christmas tradition may be to wake early Christmas morning, read the story of Jesus' birth, open gifts, play with children and their new toys, prepare the meal, and finally, share the meal as a family. The ritual becomes a time-honored tradition and very symbolic of the holiday itself. Natural Golds place high value on heritage and history. They serve as the family's and society's historian. They see the richness of where we have been.

     People know that they can count on Natural Gold to make a commitment and to fulfill it. When Natural Golds tell you they will do something, you know it will be done. If for some reason they cannot fulfill their commitment, they will not leave you hanging. Driven by a sense of obligation, they will go out of their way to find someone to fulfill the task. If they are not successful in doing so, as a last resort they will let you know it can not be done. A natural Gold will never leave you wondering why something was not completed.



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     Natural Golds enjoying planning. They are very detail-oriented, and often catch small details that others may miss. They tend to be list makers, both written and mental. When they accomplish something and check it off their list, they feel a great sense of accomplishment.

     Natural Golds have a strong sense of right and wrong, and they strive to be ethical in all that they do. They use traditional social and societal norms as measures of appropriate behavior. They view rules and laws as essential guidelines for helping us all live and work together. Natural Golds monitor their own behavior and expect to be held accountable for their actions.  


     Natural Golds easily organize people, things, events, ideas, etc. They have a natural ability to provide order and structure. As such, they desire order and structure in their lives. They prefer familiar and established routines. They want to know what is going to happen, how it is going to happen, and very importantly, when it is going to happen. They want to be prepared for whatever they need to be prepared for. Change can be challenging for a Natural Gold if it is sudden and unexpected.


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