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Natural Green

     The Natural Greens comprise approximately 15% of the U.S. population, ranging from 15%-22% (Center for Application of Psychological Type, 1996). Their core need is to be competent in all that they do.They achieve their competence through the unending pursuit of knowledge and understand. Natural Greens are very curious, and want to know the "why" of things. They want explanations and rational answers to their questions. Regardless of their age, they will not settle for shallow answers. Natural Greens are very analytical and enjoy intellectual challenges. Problem solving provides them great joy. However, once a problem has been successfully solved, Natural Greens are ready to move on to something else.

     Thinking, questioning, and hypothesizing characterizes Natural Greens. They have a 24-hour preoccupation with learning and thinking. No matter what they are doing, they focus on the learning derived from the experience. They have difficulty "turning off" their brain. Their mind races with ideas and possibilities. One thought stimulates ten more thoughts, which in turn, stimulates ten more thoughts, and on and on and on. Natural Greens sometimes have difficulty sleeping because they can not stop thinking. Often times some of their best ideas come when they are sleeping. Natural Greens prefer independent learning instead of guided learning. They enjoy discovering "truths" for themselves rather than having someone tell them.

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In fact, if someone else does provide them with information, it is not considered valid until they can validate the information themselves. They value ideas for their merits, not for who thought of them. Tiles and positions have little impact on Natural Greens. Instead, they consider the competency of the individual within a position.

     Natural Greens strive for quality and excellence. They have very high expectations of themselves and of others. However, their expectations of others will never exceed the expectations they hold for themselves. While they recognize other people's standards, Natural Greens measure their success by the standards they have set for themselves. They are very self-evaluative, and often believe their performance could have been better. They perceive life as an evolving process which dictates continued evaluation and improvement; therefore, nothing is ever perfected. They focus on the future and use their visionary abilities to direct their efforts.



It is very important for Natural Greens to be in control of their own ideas, thoughts, and emotions. They often appear cool, calm, and collected to others. While they experience the same emotions as other people, they process their emotions in a cognitive way. That is to say, they "think" about what they are feeling. Natural Greens are not reactive. They are very methodical and thorough which enables them to be excellent decision-makers. They explore all facets of a situation before coming to a conclusion. Once they arrive at a conclusion, Natural Greens use a qualified and precise language pattern in which they leave the door open for more information to come in so that decision can be modified as warranted. Natural Greens seldom use words such as "never" or "always." From their perspective, anything is possible.

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