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Lighting the Way to Change

     Change is a natural phenomenon in life and no matter how hard you try, you can't escape it. Today's workplaces are experiencing more drastic and rapid changes than in any other time in history. In a typical workplace you are likely to experience change in structure, change in policies, change in practices, change in processes, change in technology, and change in personnel. Knowing how to effectively manage change is no longer an optional skill for the successful professional; it is a requirement. Only those who learn to effectively manage change will survive.

     The goal of this training is to help you better understand the change process and how you can effectively lead and manage change in your workplace.

Through lecture, group discussion, and individual reflection, participants will learn:

  • the functional definition of change;

  • the Change Process;

  • obstacles to change;

  • motivations for change;

  • two types of change;

  • the Transformation Cycle; and

  • committing to change. 

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