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Customer Relations - Sales & Service

Everyone is a Potential Customer 

     Almost everyone "sells" something to someone else everyday. You may sell goods and services, or you may sell an idea to your boss, motivation to your co-workers, a dream to your spouse, or yourself in a new encounter. Regardless of your position or title, you are a salesperson and everyone else is a potential customer! The complex synergy two people bring to any selling-buying encounter transcends mere personality preferences. However, by incorporating and applying the Spectrum Development Model into customer relations you can gain valuable insight that can give you a favorable advantage in the process. Simply speaking, the Spectrum Development Model is an ideal lens through which to view and master the art of customer relations.

     The goal of this workshop is to equip individuals with information and knowledge that can assist them in establishing, developing, and maintaining excellent customer relations.

Utilizing experiential activities and discussions, workshop participants will:

  • becoming aware of their own strengths & pitfalls in providing customer sales and service;

  • learn to recognize verbal, behavioral, and environmental indicators for identifying customers' Spectrum Profiles;

  • identify effective approaches and techniques for connecting with customers from the various Spectrum Profiles;

  • identify ineffective approaches and barriers for connecting with customers from the various Spectrum Profiles; and

  • practice customizing approaches for specific goods and services.

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