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"Diversity Is A Choice"

     Optimum utilization of human resources is a goal shared by most organizations; however, not all employees within an organization actively embrace this perspective... resulting in the goal seldom being realized. Ultimately, the goal will only be achieved when each and every person's uniqueness is valued and utilized within the organization.

     So where to begin? Undoubtedly we must all learn to accept our differences rather they be ethic, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. However, we must first accept each other as unique individuals with value. Individuals must be willing to look within him/herself and identify who they are. What are their strengths, talents, and needs? What unique qualities do they have to offer? Moreover, what challenges and potential liabilities do they have? Next, individuals must begin answering these same questions about their colleagues. Can they appreciate the unique value of each person? And very important;y, can they demonstrate their appreciation to one another? When individuals are valued - not judged or condemned - for their unique differences, optimum utilization of human resources can be achieved.

This diversity workshop will offer participants a safe, non-judgmental process in which they can:

  • gain a better appreciation of themselves and others,

  • identify critical issues, and

  • generate solutions.

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